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We have created a business analysis portal for a major pharmaceutical company through the establishment of a data store (datamart).

This portal makes loading and automatic aggregation of data from different sources used by the pharmaceutical company,

  • Accuristix;
  • IMS / TSA;
  • MSPS / McKesson;
  • Kohl & Frish / Wal Mart.
The portal is fully configurable and allows the customer to manage himself :

  • Representatives;
  • Sales Areas (sale and geographic);
  • Budgets and revisions (by territory, by product, product family);
  • The products, product price lists and families;
  • Clients and client group (to group customers under one banner);
  • Diseases;
  • Alignments (simulation / data structure used for reports);
A variety of reports are available in dollars or quantity:

  • Sales by a producer to a distributor (sell in)
    • Summary sales;
    • Daily sales;
    • Monthly sales.
  • Sales by a distributor to end customers (sell out)
    • Sales vs objectives;
    • Distributors;
    • Regional distributors.
  • Products
    • Quick View;
    • Gross sales analysis.
  • Sales Force
    • Performance Summary by territory;
    • Monthly monitoring by territory;
    • Performance monitoring of representatives.
  • Patients (denominalized)
    • Monthly Summary, by quarter;
    • Monthly by data source;
    • Patients vs budget;
    • Summary patient monitoring;
    • Home delivery.
A complete dashboard, automatically updated, provides policymakers with a quick overview of the sales behavior. Policymakers can thus observe trends and make changes to adapt to market realities.

The technology used in the creation of this portal allows us to adapt to other sectors, integrating the sources of data specific to these sectors and adapting to the reports.

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