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LOGICWARE is a distributor of the Siren ePCR Suite Medusa Medical Technologies

Siren version 4 is arrived.

Medusa Medical Technologies Inc.

Medusa is proud to announce the release of version 4 of the following Siren ePCR. This release marks another milestone in the evolution of our electronic patient care record system a complete rewrite of the application.
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Unlock Healthcare information silos.

Accurate and timely information is a cornerstone of providing thé best possible patient care, but it can be a challenge getting actionable intelligence into thé right hands, when and where you need it.

Siren exchanges information with multiple healthcare Systems real-time while at thé patient’s side to support your clinical décision making. Siren ailows you to import, assess, and enrich thé information before sharing it with other health and social care providers involved in thé patient care pathway.

Medusa Medical Technologies Inc.

Enter the clinically rich information.

The modern user interface of Siren captures information quickly. Siren allows you to create and share comprehensive reports by integrating your Siren ePCR system with other third-party systems such as Computer Aided Distribution (CAD), medical devices, and electronic medical records (EMR) hospitals.
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Siren is an easy to use solution that adapts to individual processes, preferences and level of technological comfort of your ambulance service. As your agency changes and grows, you can adapt your solution to take advantage of more advanced features and functions existing in Siren. More than 25 000 paramedics, nurses and doctors of ambulance services across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Brazil and Australia collectively documenting ePCRs million annually using Siren.

Siren helps emergency medical services to achieve significant clinical and operational benefits to improve the performance and quality.


Every second counts.

The friendly interface with large buttons make documentation simple and accurate with Siren ePCR. Quickly capture clinically rich and accurate information.


Integrates health care systems to improve patient outcomes.

Siren improve continuity of patient care through the integration with existing systems. All in real time.


Go paperless. Go Green.

The powerful routing of Siren directs ePCR in your organization. Thus, you do not have to worry about the paperwork.


Based medicine evidence has never been easier.

With our powerful Siren Data Analytics Business Intelligence tool (BI), you can explore, measure, analyze, and report on critical aspects of data collected on patients.

Siren ePCR is:

  • 43 organizations dedicated to emergency medical services in 8 countries
  • 25,000 trained users worldwide
  • Over 5000 vehicles with the solution
  • 4 national / provincial deployments
  • About 9 million electronic records produced annually
  • Four (4) main components (brief description)
      • Interface “User Field” used by paramedics in the field to document real-time patient care, quickly and accurately
      • Integration with the RAO
      • Integration with your monitors / defibrillators
      • Fully configurable
    • SHARE
      • Information sharing between teams
      • Real-time access to electronic care records of other organizations
      • Real-time access to interventions in the field by the receiving institutions
    • MANAGE
      • EPCR management through review and approval mechanisms
      • Powerful analysis tool to do research, to observe trends and make changes
  • Can be deployed in single-agency or multi-agency;
  • Free license for educational institutions in Quebec that form paramedics.

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