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Timesheet Software
Our time management software allows you to have real-time monitoring of the profitability on all your projects. As soon as he is about to have control and follow-up on time for your business activities, this software will meet your needs :

  • Comprehensive and user-friendly software (ease of use);
  • Management of job positions;
  • Employee management, including their profitabilité and history;
  • Management sectors;
  • Management tasks to be performed;
  • Customer management;
  • Parts Management (with costing and selling) for businesses or parts are used as part of the duties of an employee;
  • Project management, and division into sub-projects :
    • Identification of a default selling rate;
    • Management rates by type of activity;
    • Managing budgets;
    • Management expenses allocated;
    • Management of available parts;
    • Possibility to specify who can enter time for this project / sub-project;
    • Summary table of actual vs. budget;
    • Summary and detailed reports from the time taken.
  • Entering timesheets :
    • A day in a working week;
    • For each activity, identify the date, time, customer, project, sub-project, task and description;
    • Total daily available under the timesheets.
  • Approval process / release time and time sheets blocking;
  • Billing process work (if applicable);
  • Real-time alerts when within budget;
  • History of the time achieved by the project, employee, customer;
  • Billing history by project, customer;
  • Many monitoring reports:
    • Time sheet;
    • Projects / sub-projects;
    • Productivity;
    • Hours for payroll.

Secure solution

  • The employee has access to his time sheets;
  • A supervisor has access to all timesheets of its employees and makes the approval;
  • A senior project access to retail its projects and makes an approval.

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