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LOGICWARE is distributor and integrator of SAP Business One – ERP
ERP SAP Business One

A real ERP for SMEs at an affordable price

Specially designed for small businesses, SAP Business One application is a real ERP offering better visibility across your business, finances, sales, customer relationships, production, service, etc. It helps you streamline all of your transactions, real-time access to reliable information and to combine growth and profitability.


  • Spend more time on growing your business by streamlining
    all processes and anticipating opportunities.
  • Achieve more rapidly meet the needs of your customers with instant access
    to the information you need to decide with confidence.
  • Reduce the number of duplicates and errors. Use a single, integrated system for
    optimize your processes, reduce costs, delays and improve your results.
  • Develop closer relationships with your customers with centralized information
    that simplify the management of your customers and your contracts.
  • Lower technology costs and accelerate return on investment with
    easy to deploy system whose maintenance is easy and require the use of
    minimal training.

Key Features

  • Accounting and Financial Management – SAP Business One delivers financial management
    functionality that enables your enterprise to be more efficient and productive with support for multiple currencies, budgeting, and bank reconciliation
  • Sales management and customer relationship – Manage the entire sales process, from the first
    Contact the conclusion of the case and of the management of the service customer data
    after sales.
  • Purchasing and production – Schedule and manage items for creation or purchase
    using a varied set of criteria – offering a simple yet
    powerful planning function for production planners or
  • Inventory control – Manage inventory across multiple sites and warehouses, monitor and
    record stock movements.
  • Reporting and administration – Create, manage and distribute reports that support
    greater visibility into your business.
  • Mobility – Consult your sales and purchase transactions, access your reports,
    view your notifications and approval requests and more on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

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